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Observation From Every Day Celebrities


If you want something breathtaking to wear that is unusual and unique, look to the stars. The celebrities that grace the red carpet at major events are always wearing interesting and bold outfits but that’s because they have to. They are always the object of the public gaze and it’s their job to try and look good and satisfy public expectations. More often than not this can be a great source of inspiration for fashion trends, but sometimes you get a fashion no-no like Bjork’s disastrous swan dress that you need to keep an eye open for!

Kiera Knightly is the epitome of ‘beautiful’; from her mysterious eyes to her perfect features, fashion hounds have been watching her whenever she makes an entrance on the red carpet. Her latest getup leaves nothing to be desired as she addresses every aspect of formal beauty. Her graceful elegance is accentuated by the eye-catching silk goddess dress and her fashion yes is echoed in the combination wool and cashmere plaid dress, both of which were worn on the red carpet. Her fashion accessories have been carefully chosen too, with Jimmy Choo black pumps and satin open-toed sandals for each outfit respectively. Kiera’s style is elegant and sophisticated, and provides a clear role model for fashion aficionados.

Kelly Osbourne, on the other hand, is something else altogether. Her style is somewhat less glamorous and certainly less feminine than the movie mega star Miss Knightly, but she addresses another niche fashion market nonetheless. Her Marilyn Manson meets feminine star look is hardly popular, but she does have remarkable taste in fashion accessories! Her glam rock belts and bags are making a big impact on the fashion trend market as they fit in nicely with the glam rock style that is currently taking hold of the nation’s female fashion market.

Orlando Bloom (the man that every woman wants and every man wants to be) is another fashion icon that we can look towards for up and coming fashion trends. His casual yet stylish look consists of open neck shirts, suit jackets with smart denims, and even casual cardigans. Orlando has also learned the value of accentuating his casual appearance with fashion accessories, like the popular leather wrist bands and his pirate-like medallions on the end of leather thong necklaces. This popular movie mogul is the perfect role model for male fashion trends!

There are a number of other fashion conscious men out there who are turning heads wherever they go, but perhaps the single name that has consistently been associated with superior style (sans the occasional hairstyle mishap!) is the legendary David Beckham. It seems that being married to one of the Worst Dressed Women in the world hasn’t phased his dedication to simple style and elegance! Classic Beckham style is a crisp open neck shirt with a suit jacket (often in a subtle design or pattern) paired with smart denims and patent leather shoes that has survived the test of time to provide men across the globe with a simple guide on how to always look great.


Celeb With Great Fashion Reference


It cannot be helped that many women like to emulate celebrities and their fashion sense. From street sightings to red carpet jaunts, these top female fashion icons of inimitable style and poise have become highly influential for women of all ages.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Playing Manhattan’s favourite single gal in her 30s catapulted Sarah Jessica Parker into absolute stardom. Her obsession with Manolo Blahniks and well coordinated frocks fired up a new generation of women who wanted to paint the town red in their own slinky heels while sipping Cosmopolitans with their girlfriends. Suddenly, everyone wanted to become Carrie Bradshaw – and hoped to snog her own Mr. Big along the way!

Blake Lively

Blake Lively, who plays Serena in the hit television series “Gossip Girl”, is definitely one of the best dressed characters on television today. Whether she’s in her prep school uniform or clubbing outfit, she remains upwardly mobile in the fashion arena with her statuesque build. Outside of the show, the actress continues to uphold her own impeccable fashion sense when making public appearances, making her a true style icon.

Katie Holmes

Blossoming from teenage icon to fully fledged Hollywood nobility, Katie Holmes shows effortless style beyond her years. Graduating from Urban Outfitters staples worn from the phenomenal hit Dawson’s Creek back in the 1990s, Holmes is now a certified fashion icon, whose mere change of hairstyle can create quite a stir in the fashion world.

She made lots of heads turn when she sported the chic bob during her early years of marriage to Tom Cruise. Her recent role as Jacqueline Kennedy seemed to seal her fate as Hollywood’s genteel glamour girl.

And if the tabloid snaps of daughter Suri is anything to go by, that fashion sense has been inherited with grace; we can certainly expect a future style princess to grow up in our midst.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham will forever be relevant on the topic of fashion icons. Mother to four kids, she maintains that unique posh allure by reinventing herself through many roles, from singer to fashion designer.

Beckham has become a staple face in Fashion Week, not just as a model but, more recently, as a designer presenting her own line of dresses or accessories. Gracing the covers of fashion magazines in any corner of the globe is second nature for her, as she continues to inspire women with her own brand of girl power.

Angelina Jolie

One of Hollywood’s style institutions, Angelina Jolie walks with that enigmatic vibe and a strong presence that radiates from within. She is not just a multi-awarded actress; she is also a goodwill ambassador of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and a mother of six kids.

Her advocacy programs and personal life have only added more depth to her personality.

Always a press favourite when she walks the red carpet with beau Brad Pitt by her side, Jolie is a sight to behold when she’s glammed up in designer gowns – but even fewer can resist her charm when she’s seen her with her kids in tow while garbed in a simple flowing dress.

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